AdvantEdge Coaching thrives on supporting leaders to expand their horizons and achieve optimal results. AdvantEdge was created on the idea that the journey to the top can be a lonely one and sometimes to have an advantage and grow both career and business, having another person fully supporting your journey makes overcoming obstacles and achieving those outcomes easier. Having a supportive team, even on a solo journey, can give you an edge over your peers and competitors. AdvantEdge works with a network of Certified Executive Coaches and facilitators across the country to ensure that each client is able to work with a coaching style that is a perfect fit for them.


Lindsay is a Certified Executive Coach, member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Human Resources Leader. Lindsay has spent the past 15 years contributing to the growth and development of both adults and children through her work as a professional sports coach focusing on competition. Lindsay has also practiced and led in numerous Human Resources areas including coaching, training, recruitment, benefits, health and safety, disability/return to work programs, leadership development and 360 degree reviews. Lindsay is most known in her work as a resource to Managers on how to handle employment situations to build strong teams and effectively manage employee performance. With Lindsay's HR experience in organizational operations and sports coaching, she saw an opportunity to help organizations get to the next level by taking proactive measures through Executive Coaching to enhance their results. By combining her passion for coaching and helping others with her HR experience, Lindsay is excited to help you take your performance game to the next level.


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    I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay through a transition point in my career. She was able to navigate me through a challenging time in my high stress, demanding, and client facing role.

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