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    High Performance Coaching

    High Performance Coaching is specifically targeted to individuals who are looking to expand and maximize their own performance or team performance. High Performance Coaching is specifically designed for individuals and teams who want bigger results in a shorter amount of time. If performance is a key component of your role and your goal is to outperform others, this package is for you. High Performance Coaching typically lasts for a minimum of 3 months.

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    Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching is an enhanced service that provides executives with a relaxed and confidential environment to work through high-pressures, obstacles and challenges such as staff and business performance in a one-on-one coaching setting. Executive Coaching engagements typically last for a period of 6 months.

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    Competency Enhancement

    Competency Enhancement Coaching focuses on both the areas that are working and not working in a professional’s career. This coaching focuses on leveraging strengths to enhance results and build effective leadership skills. This coaching is best suited to Managers, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

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    Career Development Coaching

    Career Development Coaching targets the entry-level professional who is beginning to create their ideal career trajectory and the actions needed to achieve to prosper in their chosen field or level-up to their ideal field.

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    Team Coaching

    Team Coaching assists teams to work cohesively to become a highly-functioning business unit. Areas addressed in team coaching include: leadership, effective problem solving skills, accountability and productivity as well as creating a common-goal focus.

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    Live-Action Coaching

    In this type of coaching, coaches observe the individual directly in their business environment by shadowing them through their workday. This provides insight into how effective the individual is at executing on specific business goals, communicating with coworkers and participating in meetings.

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    360 Degree Feedback Assessments

    360 Degree Feedback Assessments are an invaluable tool to understanding how others perceive you and your effectiveness in the workplace. Through personalized interviews with coworkers and management, a detailed analysis and report is provided outlining competencies and areas for improvement. This type of feedback often brings the unknown strengths and other’s perceptions of behaviour and effectiveness into light.

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    Workshop Facilitation

    Workshop facilitation is available on a variety of topics. Please contact for more details.

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    Custom Program Design

    Are you looking to take your business, team or performance to the next level but are not sure which service best supports your goals? Custom designed programs are available and can be tailored to your specific needs.


    For your convenience, appointment times can be booked through the website and a confirmation will be sent to you.


    I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay through a transition point in my career. She was able to navigate me through a challenging time in my high stress, demanding, and client facing role.

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