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A Dream Team Needs a Dream Leader. Make Both a Reality.

My Executive Coaching services help professionals improve communications, team effectiveness, morale, and performance.

Problems Faced by Today’s Executives

Without a careful, considerate approach to everyday management, many risks can arise. These can detract from employee performance, costing you precious time, energy, and even financial stability.

Decreased Motivation, Increased Costs

Unmotivated, less-engaged employees are likelier to lose focus and commit less to their duties. Regular retraining, an uptick in absenteeism, and generally reduced productivity can drive up operating costs.

Ineffective Management Standards

Outdated, overcomplicated, and/or incompatible processes can halt efficiency. Clearing away the clutter and focusing on the needs of individual employees are musts.

Falling Short of Predetermined Goals

Executives and managers need to actively rely on their teams. However, employees need to be valued, understood, and enabled to reach key milestones.

Discrepancies in Manager-Employee Communication

Many managers fail to recognize that their communication methods have the unintended effect of enabling their employees to underperform. Very few employees want to perform poorly or fail to meet expectations. Something else is always at play. As a manager, a key part of managing others is getting them to perform at their best and accomplish their tasks in a way that best supports both your team and the organization. Having a full suite of tools you can rely on in different situations will help you be the best manager for your team.

How AdvantEdge Executive Coaching Can Help

Empowered and Motivated Employees

Learn to communicate clearly and effectively, ensuring your employees feel valued, energized and excel in their roles, exceeding your expectations. Plus, I’ll show you how the leadership journey is more fulfilling and impactful when we embark on it together!

Effective Management: Help Your Employees Shine

Let me help you position yourself as a fair, competent, empathetic, and approachable leader – one who leads by example and embodies the standards they set for others. For the organization to perform at its best, it is critical that you instill confidence in your employees, motivating them to do their greatest work.

Quicker, More Efficient Teams – and the Results You Want

Myself and my network of executive coaches will work with you to foster individual growth and collective performance improvements. Get your team where they need to be, and without leaving anyone behind.

Strike the Right Balance with AdvantEdge Coaching

Executives and managers often act on prior experience or training. Unfortunately, most training programs do not provide enough support and information to successfully manage all types of individuals, personalities and employment situations that may arise, as different employees require different forms of leadership. Others get almost no training when they transition into a managerial role. Changing the way we see ourselves and our team is the first step to making big strides towards positively impacting and leading others. Regardless of our unique journeys, we can all improve along the way by absorbing the insights of others. Listening. Learning. Striking the right balance of accountability, capability, and valuation. Work with AdvantEdge to leverage our collective experience, challenge yourself, and achieve great things.

Your Executive Coaching Journey

Step 1

Book a free discovery call. Let’s discuss what you wish to achieve and get to know one another.

Step 2

Decide how frequently you wish to meet, sign our straightforward agreement, and submit payment for the requested services. Payment plans can be made available upon request.

Step 3

Receive a scheduling link to book all preferred meeting times in advance.

Personalized, Efficiency-Driven Sessions

Anyone can become a great manager and develop successful careers, but it takes practice. Some individuals climb the ladder before they’re fully experienced or prepared to lead others, whether due to business pressures or otherwise. Team management is a significant responsibility to undertake, encompassing a myriad of personalities and employee needs to work with. Tackling this alone, with a limited understanding and/or insufficient training, can only get you so far.

Let’s take you the rest of the way towards success. At AdvantEdge Coaching, I strive to empower business professionals and the employees they manage. Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be with my Executive Coaching services, free of knowledge barriers and driven by expert insights. My personalized sessions help you make improvements as quickly as needed, without days of tiring seminars and training. All packages also include additional support in-between sessions. When you come across a challenge, have a response in less than 24 hours to help you effectively manage and handle the situation appropriately. By having someone to talk to and help you make informed decisions, becoming a dream leader to a dream team is a realistic and attainable goal.

To get started on your growth journey, book a free one-on-one discovery call with me today.


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    I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay through a transition point in my career. She was able to navigate me through a challenging time in my high stress, demanding, and client facing role.

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